In a previous post, I have brought up the idea of our customers offering us, Image3D employees, benefits of their products in return for creating their custom reels and viewers. Yet again I wish this were the case!

Has anyone ever been to a Cirque Du Solei show? If you have, you know that they are the most spectacular performances done in show business. You would also know that this awesomeness comes at a hefty price. Although well worth it, I cannot make the trip every year when it shows up in Portland.

[caption id="attachment_209" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cirque Du Soleil in Portland"]Cirque Du Soleil Portland[/caption]

A couple months ago we did a job for the Zarkana performance, complete with two different reels and an imprinted viewer in the gift set packaging. The frames on the reels contained photos of the acrobatics and crazy costumes that are so inspiring to see at the show. Then, a couple weeks afterwards we did another Cirque Du Solei gift set for the Iris show. This performance is actually themed on cinema, and that being a hobby of mine, it really sparked my interest! The images were awesome, very artistic, as you might guess they would be.

Cirque Du Solei is planning to sell these in their gift shops, so if you make it to NY or LA to one of the shows, check out our work!

Now wouldn’t it be the coolest thing if they would offer to give Image3D employees tickets to the show! I sure think so! I mean, it is totally on its way to town preparing for the November 18th opening, as I write this….