There’s a secret that all the best husbands know - it’s never really too early to start looking for the perfect gift for your wife. Whether it's birthday, Christmas or anniversary gifts, one of the best ways to make sure that every important occasion is celebrated with something truly special is to get a head start - give yourself time to prepare a gift that might require thought and planning.  This might be especially true when you want to make something using beloved family pictures.

Some of the most personal and heartfelt gift ideas for women incorporate their favorite photographs.  It probably isn’t difficult to determine which pictures mean something important to your wife.  These will be the photos framed around the house or lovingly collected into an album or scrapbook.  The ones that convey the big moments of life, happiness, milestones, and love.

As you begin to ponder the coming holiday season, consider putting one of these Christmas photo ideas at the top of your shopping list:

A beautiful new frame for a favorite picture.

A collection of themed photos, printed and bound in a book.

Better yet, you can choose your wife’s very favorite photos to make a completely customized film reel and personalized viewer online from Image3D’s fun and nostalgic RetroViewer.  These pleasantly familiar, popular little viewers, which come with film reels you create yourself, are a big hit as gifts that are both surprising, entertaining and sweetly meaningful.

> Start Building Your Own Custom Reel

Any of the options listed above would also serve as fantastic gifts for girls of any age, or if you have children who want to be involved, great gift ideas for mom too!