Parents whom are expecting their baby around the holidays are in for a treat! The holidays provide a great time for new gift ideas and creative ways to share their memories. This holiday season, take a look around you and take notice of any new parents or expectant parents whom would appreciate a special gift this year.

When spending a night falling asleep with their newborn, having a durable and thoughtful way to read to your kids is important. Barnes & Noble has a special deal that’s perfect for the new parents – the Nook GlowLight Plus. It’s wireless connectivity and storage will ensure that parents can always have books in hand to read to a newborn.


Every parent wants to share their baby’s first memories – and Image3D’s RetroViewer is a creative way to do that! Check out the baby reel inspiration and get a few ideas of what someone could create. If you already have photos of a newborn and want to create your own reel to give as a gift - collect 7 photos and start creating here. If you know an expecting parent, you can buy them a gift certificate this season so that they’re ready to create a reel and viewer. Keepsake Inspiration.  Baby Photo Inspiration.

Kids love RetroViewers!


Uncommon Goods showcases an Heirloom Baby Journal that is sure it impress new parents. With its handmade feel and made in the USA, with room to display a baby’s firsts with pictures and stories, it’s definitely a keepsake. Created by the son of a union carpenter, Matt’s story of having memories in the woodshop inspired him to create this precious keepsake gift. Check it out.


Creating special moments and recognizing memories is a wonderful way to share the new joys of parent hood with friends and family. A Dutch mom whom wanted to share special moments of her newborn created the Milestone Baby Cards. Each of these cards, 28 in all, includes fun artwork and sayings. If you know someone with twins, order the twin pack, or get two, one to keep and one to send off! Check them out.