Many of us remember the good ol' days when reels were made of paper and the captions could be seen through the window of the viewer.

Paper Reel Example

We are often asked if our newfangled reels can achieve the same results.
The quick, nitty gritty answer is a big unfortunate...NO.

But, there are reasons that make it worth it!

See, our reels are made completely of film...the entire piece! No more paper and tiny cut outs of pictures that can easily be pushed out. Our reels are solid & durable! But, this makes them transparent. And, when putting them inside an enclosed viewer, the darkness inside + the see-through reel make any text illegible through the little tiny top window of the viewer.

Film Reel Example

When you make your reel online using our reel building tool, you have the option to add text to any one of your 7 frames. And, the best part about adding the captions directly to your images is that any text you add with our tool will be in 3D!

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