Vintage Baseball Card

It seems like just the other day we were talking about March Madness and now we are on to Baseball!

Well, Baseball's opening week has begun! And, if your a huge baseball fan like me, it's pretty exciting! What is your favorite team?
Unfortunately for us Oregonians, we don't have a home team (hopefully someday!). But, my team isn't too far away...the Seattle Mariners. Now, I know that some people root for the best teams, but I stick by my Mariners! :-)

So, in honor of this season's sport, let's talk about all good things fun, retro, and baseball!

Did you know that baseballs have pills inside them? Well, that's what the rubber ball inside is called! I found this fun video from How It's Made on how baseball are created (by the way, Image3D was on How It's Made too!)

I didn't realize that baseballs were still hand stitched AND they take a week to make! Funny considering after one hit in the big leagues they trade the ball out.

While doing some research for this post, I came across quite a few amazing facts. But one, that I found on Bleacher Report under- 15 Interesting Facts Baseball Fans Might Not Know, beat them all and made me laugh out loud:

In 1923, Clarence Blethen was a rookie pitcher for the Red Sox; he also happened to wear false teeth. When he was pitching, Clarence thought that he would look meaner if he took his teeth out, which he would place in his back pocket.
Running the bases one day, Clarence forgot about his false teeth in his pocket. As he he went to steal second, his teeth clamped down, thus making Clarence Blethen the only man to be injured by biting himself in the butt.

hahaha! hilarious right?!

Vintage Baseball Players

Curious about the longest game ever played? I read this one on
It was between the visiting Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago White Sox.
It happened on May 09, 1984, the game went 25 innings and lasted 8 hours and 6 minutes (not sure on the seconds!)
The game began on May 08 but according to MLB rules an inning cannot begin after 12:59 AM so the players and fans had to come back the next day to watch the Chicago White Sox win 7- 6 on a Harold Baines' home run in the 25th inning.

How many of you are Yankee fans? Did you know that they have won 27 world series? Ok, that is pretty impressive!

Now, speaking of Baseball, and just in time for the seasons start, the movie 42 comes out next Friday, April 12th! Looks like it will be a great story of Jackie Robinson.