Artist Shelia Mullen has been using View-Masters in her artwork for a long time. Now, she has decided to take her art one step further with a custom reel, designed with 7 of her favorite pieces.

Shelia says, "I am an assemblage collage artist in CT, and this reel is a selection of seven pieces. I use old materials, and one of my signature items is the View-Master slides and sleeves, mainly from the '40s to '60s."

The Reel goes on to not just show off her work, but it is part of a larger project with the Boys and Girls Club.
"I'm psyched to see my work with your reel creation, and made it as a prototype for a non-profit (Boys and Girls Club) who have commissioned a large piece and hope to make prints for fundraising."

We are happy to be a part of the work that Shelia is doing!

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Artist Shelia Mullen Creates a Custom Reel