Funny story...I am sitting here, wearing my awesome Adidas and the production crew is out in the shop putting together an awesome Adidas reel and viewer set.

The custom reel came to us complete with 7 shots of "original" Adidas wear.

Adidas Reel

Adidas went above and beyond the standard order too (although, still not quite as extravagant as Yahoo!). Not only do they get blue viewers, but they get white viewers too, mixing it up for the lucky recipients.

Adidas Blue Viewer

Adidas didn't stop at just custom reels and viewers either. They made their project totally unique by adding a tag to hang from the advance lever! This was a first for Image3D, and such a great idea!

Adidas Viewer with Tag

Being an Adidas fan myself, I am super proud that we got to do an order for them!

What do you think?