Ready for an vacation this Favorite Friday? Debbie I. has traveled the world and thankfully for us, she creates a keepsake Reel for each occasion. This year, the destination was Peru!

Debbie says,
"I just got back from Peru last Monday. I went backpacking in the Andes Mountains in the Peruvian Jungle. I climbed Wayna Picchu Mountain and also climbed to the top of Machu Picchu to see the Incan Ruins. We also biked about 50 miles, white water rafted, ziplined, went to hot springs and hiked 6-9 hours each day. It took 5 days to make it to the top and was darn hard lol... Although I did pretty well considering I had to carry all of my own gear and I'm pushing 40 and everyone in my group was in their 20s." (Way to go Debbie!)

A Trip to Peru Highlighted on a Custom Reel Keepsake

Debbie has 6 more reels sitting on her desk. She has been to a lot of cool places, like Iceland, Exumas, Serbia, and more!
She adds,
"I love your product - I travel at least once a year and I have a reel for all of my trips for the last 6 or so years worth. They sit in my office at work and I can't tell you how many people pick them up to look at them. It's definitely a great conversation starter."

Keep the reels coming Debbie! :-)