A custom RetroViewer is a gift that brings back memories and gives the opportunity to share them with the next generation. After Tera found the RetroViewer and made her perfect reels, she knew she hit the jackpot for her dad's Father's day gift.

Tera filled us in on the scoop:

"We LOVE our parents! My Dad loves unique gifts. When I saw the RetroViewer, I KNEW it would be the PERFECT gift for Father's Day!
I was going to put the Grandchildren on the pictures but while looking for which pics to use, I came across an old black and white of MY Grandfather and I started crying! (happy tears)
Thats when I KNEW what to put on the reel. I created one with his parents and siblings and another one with his children and Grandchildren.
Due to COVID-19 I was unable to be beside him when he opened his gifts. My brother was and we did a video chat thru DUO.
The expression on his face was PRICELESS! When he saw it, he said "You all got me a toy from Disney. I don't want to see Mickey"!
Of course we ALL laughed. After he explained to the youngest grands what it was and its usage, he began to view it. He saw ONE picture (HIS PARENTS) and couldn't hold back the tears. When he returned to viewing, he continuously said, "THIS IS SUCH A THOUGHFUL GIFT"!
He showed it to a few of his siblings and now they ALL want one with the pictures I used. I will be ordering that reel and additional RetroViewers soon!
Thanks for helping me give my Dad a trip BACK DOWN MEMORY LANE with a gift he will cherish FOREVER!"

A trip down memory lane on a RetroViewer

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