Imagine you are sitting on an airplane. On your way to a destination you have been dying to see. You're so close you can almost feel it! Then, a surprise gift gets you a million times closer and enhances your excitement a million-fold.
This is what happened on the first ever non-stop flight from Dallas, Texas to Portland, Oregon.

Passengers on a flight from Dallas to Portland get a surprise viewer!

All the guests and even the pilots were surprised with custom Reels and Viewers. Each reel showcased the beautiful Mount Hood Territory in Oregon. Everything from biking to wine tasting and gorgeous pictures to compliment them. Can you imagine getting a customized Reel with amazing pictures of your destination on the flight? Wow! The only problem would be wanting the flight to get there even faster!!

Pilots on a flight from Dallas to Portland get a surprise viewer!

*Photos courtesy of Oregon's Mount Hood Territory on Twitter @inMtHood and BPN

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