At Image3D, we love to hear stories of how people have used their Image3D custom reel and viewers. Last week, I had the best story to date sitting in my inbox!

Get ready for melting hearts and goosebumps as you read how Jessie proposed to her now fiance!

"She said yes!!!! :) :) Hearts
and I'm pretty sure it was all because of the superior work and feeling put into the image reel :) As I was about to propose, I told her that I had a present for her. I pulled out the white box and she opened it. At first she was a bit like... what is this? As she pulled it out of the box I explained that there was this awesome company that makes custom reels with your own pictures and you can add text. I said, "just look at it!". As she started viewing the reel, I started counting how many pictures she had gone through. I pulled out the antique ring box I purchased (with the ring inside of course) and kept it in my hand. I've never felt my heart beat as fast as it did in those 30 seconds. It seemed like an hour she was looking at the reel. When she finally got to the last picture, it was a text picture saying that I have a question for her. She pulled the viewfinder away from her face and was crying already with joy and happiness. I presented the ring to her after stumbling over every word I had originally planned to say. It was amazing. All in all, thank you for helping make this day as memorable as it could be. Sara tells people the story with such joy and excitement and everyone definitely gives me props for the creative idea. :)"

Definitely the best proposal story ever! I can't help but to be grinning from ear to ear every time I read this! Congratulations Jessie and Sara! We are so glad that we could be a part of your special moment and within your memories for life!