It's always great to hear a story of close siblings, who consider themselves BFF's, and choose each other to be Maid-of-Honors at each of their weddings. Even more great when our RetroViewer can become part of such a great memory between two sisters!

Here is Brianna's story:

"I love this product so much, I just had to share!

When it came time to asking my sister to be my maid of honor, I knew I had to make it special. Jenna and I are two years apart and grew up as the very best of friends! I remember us as kids playing with a red viewfinder with disney characters in the film wheel, and thought it would be nostalgic if I could recreate the red viewfinder with pictures of us growing up instead! Each picture would depicts things we did as kids that prepped me for marriage, and I would end it asking her to be my maid of honor!

For my seven pictures, I started with my first time holding my new baby sister and wrote best friends since day 1. The wheel moves on to pictures of us as kids that reflect important aspects of a marriage: our first valentines day (sisters teach you about love), us playing with our favorite doll house (learning to build a home!), dancing outside our electronic jeep (be adventurous!) and the disney magic kingdom (dreams do come true!). I ended with my sister on her christening day in white (now its MY turn to wear white), and followed it with a picture of me as her maid of honor at her wedding (will you be MY maid of honor)!

I decided to give it to Jenna at a family party so everyone could celebrate with us. When I gave it to her, she remembered right away the red viewfinder from when we were kids. She was so taken aback by how the viewfinder was the most beautiful, sentimental keepsake. She smiled the entire time as she clicked from one photo to the next! Our family had never seen a product like it, and everyone had such a great time passing it around! My sister and I had the best time reminiscing about our childhood, and it was such a special time for our family! And in case you were wondering, she said, "Yes!"

So glad I came across this product!"

Brianna's Custom RetroViewer Reel asking her Sister to be her Maid of Honor

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