When you tell someone about your job a typical reaction is just something like "oh that's cool." Someone might even give you a little more enthusiasm and ask you to tell them more.

But do you ever get a jaw dropping "no way!" added with eyes bulging and the words, "that is the coolest thing ever!" ???

Well all of us that work here at Image3D do.

It's funny too because when any one of us explains where we work we always have to use the hand motion of holding the viewer and pulling down the advance lever. And people understand exactly what we are talking about! It's awesome.
Red Image3D Viewer

And no joke, everyone opens their mouth in awe and is just floored at how cool it is that we can take their pictures and put them on a reel.

Next, they will typically go into how they used to have one as a kid and proceed to tell us what their favorite View-Master reel was.

Paper Reel

In reality we work in a toy factory mixed with nostalgia and happiness because every reel we make for a customer involves some sort of happy memory, fun event, or lovey-dovey feelings and all that ties in with the toy they used to enjoy as a kid.

All of us can honestly agree that we love telling people about where we work because we seriously get the best reactions from it!