This year, Chris wanted to make his wife a great gift. As soon as he found Image3D, he knew he had a winner.
Chris went and built 2 custom reels with photos of family and recent vacations.
Christmas came and went and the gift received rave reviews. Not only did it serve as a great gift to his wife, but as much more than that. We received this story from Chris...

"Christmas arrived and I was able to give my wife her viewer and the two reels I had put together. She loved them! She showed them to everyone who came by during the day, and in our house, that's a lot of people.
The really interesting part was that the viewer got used over the course of the day, not so much as a gift but more as a tool. The reels had photos of a trip and of our family. So if someone wanted to know what was the best part of the trip, or which relative was which, the viewer got pulled out. In the past, the same questions would have required turning on the computer and a long search for the right image. With the viewer, we could do the same thing right at the table.
So, thank you for making such a great item. And thank you for your patience on the phone, and in person, for what I know was a tiny order."

It is great to be a part of such a great story! It is something that Chris and his wife can talk about and show off for years to come.

Image3D Custom Reel and Viewer Set

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