Every Christmas, Nicole nad her boyfriend get to relive the past year with their favorite photos on a custom RetroViewer.

Nicole told us,

"Christmas 2018 I thought this would be a great gift for my boyfriend. I put together a cute film reel of a bunch of pictures of us from the last year, created a custom reel viewer with "I Love You" printed across the top, wrapped it up, and put it under our tree. He loved it so much, he cried when he first saw it, said it was one of the coolest things ever, and looked at it a lot throughout the course of the next year.

Christmas 2019, I decided to surprise him by creating another custom reel with new pictures from the past year. I wrapped it up and put it in his stocking. He was shocked to receive another reel, and there were more tears. I decided this is going to become a tradition for us - every Christmas I'm going to create another custom reel for him with new pictures from the past year, and we can see how we grow together every year. I'm already excited for next Christmas!"

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