It's always great to hear about a business benefiting from a RetroViewer!

Recently, we received a cool story from Erica B. of Sneeze It, a marketing company powered by David Steel.

Erica said...

"We're happy to share that we're using our custom reels to gain prospects for David Steel -- our CEO (of Sneeze It) and a well-known public speaker in the social media realm. We've been sending out the reels to potential associations and chapters who are interested in hiring David to speak and WOW -- they've been a great success. If anything, we get phone calls instantaneously saying that they love the creativity -- that in itself opens up windows of opportunities for sales for us. Thank you for being a step in our business's success!!"

The reel is a nice promo for David and the company with testimonials and information on how they can help your company.

David Steel Sneeze It Reel

Way to go Sneeze It!

I hope this can help inspire other companies to try the same.

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