The 1st most popular month to get married in (June) is almost over and coming up next is the 2nd most popular month!
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Then, since we are in the business of lovin' 3D, here are some cool ideas to make your wedding 3D-riffic!

3D video

I've been to weddings before that show fun slideshows and videos while guests are filling in to their seats.
How fun would it be to go one step further and have your entire guest list sitting there watching your 3D video with 3D glasses on? Talk about in your face wedding! Sounds like a super fun idea to us! (we even rent out 3D cameras if you want to get some cool 3D shots for the video, click here for more info)
3d camera

Or, go even one more step further by having your wedding shot in 3D like this Australian couple did. They even had segments played back during the reception.

3D Photos

Get your wedding photos transferred in to a 3D wedding album by

For a 3D effect without having real 3D, get your photos turned in to an animated "3D" video! We thought this looked pretty neat!

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