A perfect combination of Christmas on an Airstream, kids from the 90's, lovers of photography, and the perfect RetroViewer gift to relive all their memories!

Nicole let us know her story:

"I was born in the 90s and remember using viewfinders and thinking they were so cool! I love photography and thought this would be the perfect gift for my boyfriend who also grew up in the 90s to share some of our memories!

I got several custom reels of pictures of us and gave them to him for Christmas this year while we were staying in an Airstream trailer in Joshua Tree, CA on holiday vacation – he loved the gift! He was really surprised and said it was so thoughtful.

This will be a new tradition and I will continue to give him new reels with all the latest pictures of us and our adventures. Was lots of fun looking through the first batch together!

Picture attached here of my boyfriend looking at the reels through the red RetroViewfinder that says “I Love You” on it, outside the airstream trailer where I gave him the gift.

For one photo on a reel, I photoshopped out our copy from a screenshot of some text messages we sent each other to just leave the message bubbles. I then imported that edited screenshot and in your creator studio I re-entered the copy from our texts so that it would appear in 3D and that came out great! It was a really fun touch to have the copy pop out at you.

Thanks for helping make our holidays special!"

A custom RetroViewer gift for Christmas

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