It's that time of year again!
Camp isn't just for the outdoors anymore! This year, send your child to 3D camp!

There are a few big names out there that offer 3D-type classes to youngsters. But, I am sure you can find some local 3D offerings near you.

Here are a few ones we found...

Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy has locations all over USA (and Toronto).
Class offerings vary with everything from 3D Art & Computer Graphics to 3D Animated Filmmaking and even Adventures in Animation for kids.

While most summer camps cater to kids and teens, this institution had some adult classes as well.

Click here to see all of DMA's class listings: Digital Media Academy 3D Modeling & Animation Courses

Want to hear even better things about these classes? Read this blog post from a past instructor- Kids Have a Blast at 3D Graphics Summer Camp!


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New York Film Academy

The New York Film Academy has a 3 and 4 week 3D animation course. They offer the classes to locations all over the world (from NY to Italy to Australia). Animation topics include: Weight and secondary action - Squash and stretch - Rubber hose, full, and limited animation - Character design - Exaggeration vs. subtlety - Doping sound and lip sync - Sound-image relationship.
Click here for more details on NYFA's class: New York Film Academy 3D Animation Camp

iD Tech Camps

iD Tech Camp offer classes at locations all over the USA and guarantee small class sizes (8 or less students per instructor!).
They even have a 3D gaming specific course.

Click here to see details on Tech Camp's classes: iD Tech Camp 3D Modeling & Animation Courses