There is a ton of hype these days about 3D movies...but let's not forget ones of movie's cousins- the music video. More and more bands are opting for a 3D version of their music videos. And, with new events like the 3D Music Festival, they are right up there with the times!

Here is just one example of a 3D music video.
The band is The Raw I's with the song, Gloria (The Death of Me).
This video contains a cool holographic feel in 3D!

If you happen to have a Nintendo 3DS, then you can have access to all sorts of 3D music videos! In fact, the Nintendo website states that "Nintendo is teaming up with some of today's hottest musical artists to bring a flurry of 3D music video premieres to users of the Nintendo Video service for Nintendo 3DS." So, you could be the first to see the coolest new 3D music video! The Nintendo Video application is available to download for free from the Nintendo eShop.

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Nintendo 3DS

Now for the ultimate 3D music video...
Have you heard about Metallica's 3D movie? According to sources such as TGDaily, the film will be part concert, part other "dramatic stuff." Seeing a concert in 3D is just shy from actually being there! Then, mix in a creative back story, sounds pretty cool to us! James Hetfield told Rolling Stone, "Our intention is to make something that is completely insane and blows minds,". We are excited to see if this is the case! The concert clips were shot during the last part of August. Look for the release the summer of 2013!