Christmas is not too far away, and if you are like most people, you are probably still racking your brain about what to get your friends and family.

This year, jump on the 3D bandwagon! Here are some of our favorite 3D gifts to let your loved ones know that you are hip and want them to be included in one of the newest trends.

3d camera

There are more and more 3D camera options out there every day! But, our favorite (and the one that we rent out) is the Fuji Finepix Real 3D W3.

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Fuji Finepix Real 3D W3

With 3D photos, you can order a 3D reel on our Stereo website or even 3D prints from Snapily!

3D Toys

3D doesn't just have to be adult-oriented.
Toys like the View-Master are nostalgic staples that you loved and your kids are SURE to love! You can make a custom reel on our website for your kiddo with pics of far away family members, the latest trip to Disneyland or even loved family pets!

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Family Reel

There is even the Fisher-Price View-Master Learning Projector that has sound!

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Fisher Price Discovery Learning Projector

3d movies

This year was huge for 3D movies! From Prometheus, to The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, Brave and Finding Nemo, there is sure to be a favorite movie in the mix!

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The Amazing Spider-Man

3d tv

This time, splurge on yourself! Or, get your significant other a 3D TV so you can reap the benefits!
With more and more shows being broadcast in 3D, (like the 2012 Olympics and sporting events on ESPN), be the talk of the town with a 3D TV! Your friends will be begging to watch the big game or nail biting season finale at your house!

Need help finding the right 3D TV for you? Check out this helpful guide with side-by-side comparisons on Top Ten Reviews

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Panasonic TC-P55VT50

3d glasses

Now, if you opted for a 3D TV and some 3D movies, 3D glasses are a given. But, you could always buy 3D glasses for the biggest movie buff on your list to wear to the theater. Because, let's face it, the disposable 3D glasses they hand out at the theater aren't even slightly cool. We have even complied a list of our favorite websites that sell 3D glasses (click here), like Ingri:Dahl & Dimensional Optics. Just don't be surprised if you find fellow movie-goers looking at you and your cool glasses instead of watching the movie!

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3Dazzle 3D Glasses

3d games

Want more than just gaming? How about in your face 3D gaming? Well then get yourself (or someone special) a Nintendo 3DS!

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Nintendo 3DS

There are many 3D games available, including favorites like Super Mario and Zelda. The 3DS can even take 3D photos!

We hope this 3D gift guide will help you in your gifting endeavors! Maybe, it has even sparked some interest in what you will be adding to your Christmas list?