There aren't too many movies these days that don't have a 3D version. Everything from kids movies, to horror, and even comedy (did we really need Jackass in 3D?!). Now, it isn't just a trend to create a 3D movie, but also to take a classic and convert it into 3D. For example, many Disney movies like Finding Nemo & the Lion King, as well as timeless favorites like Titanic, Top Gun, and Jurassic Park.

That brings me to the question...what classic movie will or should they convert next?

When thinking of some of my favorite movies, these were the top ones that came up on my "3D Movie Wish List"...


Indiana Jones

The Birds

The more I searched the more I kept thinking "ooh that would be good!" and before I knew it, my list was way too long! Makes me wonder how directors and producers decide what would be good to convert. With my luck, they will probably end up doing Casablanca or something (which isn't bad, I would just rather see Indiana Jones!).

So, what movies would be on your 3D "wish list"?