Holly's boyfriend was turning 30 and he wasn't to thrilled about it. Instantly, I knew how she was feeling because I just went through the same thing with my husband! Not quite being 30 yet myself, it was easy for me to be like, "30 isn't old!" and "It's no big deal!" However, it didn't seem to help....the big 3-0 birthday was coming regardless!

Nevertheless, Holly's mission was to make her boyfriend feel less old with some favorites from the past.
Here is her story:

"I was on a mission and decided to do a Throwback 30 themed Birthday. At first I decided to just do board games. Then that turned into more retro board games and toys. So I went to the thrift store and found all of these old board games. Then one night, I felt like there was still something missing. I started going to websites where people were selling vintage toys, scouring the sites to look for MY favorite toys for inspiration. I found the viewmaster. I found an old one that came with Peewee Herman and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs reels. I was super excited! what a great addition to my growing pile of throwback things. But still, I felt it wasn't finished yet. Yes, I had green army men cupcakes and retro tshirts, games, and now a viewmaster...but I was looking for more. The idea just did not feel quite finished. So one night, frustrated, I turned my iPad off and just started brainstorming in bed when I should have been sleeping. Then finally I thought to myself, CUSTOM REELS!! I had no idea if someone even made them, but I knew I just had to have them because THAT'S what was missing from this themed birthday...a little personalization. So I googled 'custom viewmaster reels' and to my astonishment, image3d pops up! I was so excited that you existed! I knew it was a great idea. So, I got to making my reel the very next day. The big day came, and the gift was given, and it was the hit of ALL the gifts! Everyone has been asking about it and I really can't say enough great things. I will definitely be a repeat customer. It came out better than I dreamed, and it literally was the missing piece to this birthday. THANK YOU."
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From the pictures, it looks like he really enjoyed it! Way to go Holly!

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