The popularity of 3D technology is rising. But still, not that many people have 3D content.
Fellow Oregonians (which makes us giddy!) have the technology to convert your 2D content into 3D content on the fly with their 3D-Bee Converter Boxes.

It can convert:

  • TV
  • Netflix, Hulu, YouTube
  • Video Games
  • DVDs & Blu-rays
  • and more!
    Of course, you have to have a 3D TV to see the 3D content. But, with most content remaining in 2D, this makes perfect sense to use on all the stuff you regularly watch and play. Plus, these converter boxes go way beyond what standard built in boxes can do.

    Not only are we happy to see this technology, and the fact that they are from Oregon, but their playful content on the website makes you feel like you are their friend and not just some sales guys wanting your money. For instance, their website says, "People often ask us, "how is this accomplished, is this some sort of faerie magic"? Indeed it is! We fit an entire tribe of faeries inside each 3D-Bee so you can unlock the magic of your 3D TV or 3D projector."

    Check em out!

    And, here is a short YouTube video (from Feb. 2011) we found that explains the kind of stuff that their converter box does: