Memories on a RetroViewer makes the best gift ever - Chris's Story

Chris gave his girlfriend a custom RetroViewer and she cried happy tears, dubbed it the best gift ever, and proudly shows family and friends. We're not sure you could get a better reaction to an anniversary gift!

Chris told us this story:

RetroViewer is the best girlfriend gift!

"I want to first start off by saying that I came across Image3D when I was frantically searching for a 2 year anniversary gift for my girlfriend. I was amazed to see that something like this actually existed, so I got to work immediately. I had such a fun time using the easy designing system and was excited to see my project come to life. (Also, I had began making my reel viewer dangerously close to our anniversary so I was a bit worried that the shipping wouldn’t be fast enough, but it got here right on time!)

So I wrapped it and gave it to my girlfriend the next day, and she just started crying when she was viewing all the pictures and memories that we had over the past 2 years. She absolutely loved it and dubbed it the best gift I’ve given her to date!
She proudly shows it to family whenever they come over, and it is always garners the same “wow!” after seeing how cool the product is.

Image3d, Thank you for making me have the best gift this year! I will definitely be a returning customer when it’s time for volume 3!!"


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