A Custom Reel as Part of an Interactive Art Show- Heidi's Story

Artist, Heidi Pitre recently compiled a series of reels with images that will "shock and amaze" the viewer. She showed them, along with a View-Master themed painting she created, at her art gallery showing. Here is her story-

I am an artist and a product of the 60s/70s. I often reference this in my work, either through advertising logos, domestic references, clothing, furniture, and of course toys.

I recently had a solo show and I created a painting titled "Hold It Up To The Light". It soon fast became one of my favorites. Another subject in my work is a female character doing things around the house, while her male counterpart does things only to annoy her. She deeply concentrates on the task at hand, ignoring his existence. A good example of that is "Cognitive Dissonance". This all leads up to my Viewmaster project. I had an idea to create a series of photographs and have reels made out of them. They were titled "These Images Will Shock and Amaze You." All of the images were somewhat retro, depicting a guy doing nothing but nice things for the 'viewer' assuming to be female. I had a shelf specially built and painted for the show. It hung next to the Viewmaster painting. Interactive, complete with Viewers.

Good times! Thank you for making them possible. I already have another Viewmaster project on my list!"

Enjoy some of the images below...  

Art, Reel, Viewfinder, Custom, Unique One of Heidi Pitre's 3 Artistic Reels of "Shocking" Images
ViewMaster, Painting, Art, Image The View-Master painting that Pitre created titled "Hold it Up to the Light"
art show, viewfinder, custom, unique, gallery Enjoying the View, looking at Pitre's "shocking" images on the custom reel at the gallery

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