How cool is this?
We had a customer order two-toned, black and yellow viewers!

black and yellow viewers

We have always given customers of our Corporate side of the business the option of getting a custom color viewer (for orders of 1000 or more). As of right now, we only carry red, black, blue, and white stock viewer colors. A long time ago, we realized that some companies wanted their branded color for their viewers. Since then, we have had many different shades of green and blue, yellow, purple, and even pink coming up in the near future! But, this two-toned business is a first for Image3D!

The company is called Third Man Records. They have artists signed from The White Stripes to Loretta Lynn and Beck to Insane Clown Posse!

Their reel is all about highlighting a road trip to Palm Springs.

Third Man Records Reel

The graphic designer for Third Man Records is amazing! Yet again we have another first for Image3D where a customer opted to put a design around the outside of the reel.

Here is what it looked like when the viewers were being made:

Building the two toned viewers

The whole set came together with the two-toned viewers, the custom reel, and custom made boxes.
They also creatively decided to put a dome label on the advance lever, ANOTHER first for an Image3D order.

Third Man Records Entire Set

Third Man Records Entire Set

Doesn't this get your creative juices flowing? The ideas are endless for what you can do with a custom reel and viewer!

Third Man Records plans on buying more reels this summer. We cannot wait to see what they come up with next!