SkyMall Sells What?

Here is a fun collection of funny and interesting "huh?!" products that SkyMall sells. (By the way, only 10 days left until we hit the magazine!)

Public Toilet Survival Kit

Public Toilet Survival Kit

  A must have for every outing. Click here to check out the Public Toilet Survival Kit  

Super Sized David Statue

Super Sized David Statue Uhm...? Who says, "Yes that would fit nicely with my landscaping or decor."? Click here to check out the Super Sized David Statue  

Hot Dog Leash

Hot Dog Leash SkyMall has a serious amount of pet products, but this has to be one of the funniest by far! Click here to check out the Hot Dog Leash  


Orbitwheels Just when you think, "What will they think of next?" out comes Orbitwheels! They have a 5/5 rating, so they must be good! We'll all have to look for updated sidewalk signs that say "NO SKATEBOARDING, NO ORBITHWEELING" Click here to check out Orbitwheels  

Protein Ketchup

Protein Ketchup

  Need we say more about this one? Click here to check out the Protein Ketchup  


What do you think of our SkyMall "what?!" list? What do you think is the funniest or craziest thing SkyMall sells?

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