Pharmaceutical Industry Educational Marketing Strategies



Pharmaceuticals Pfizer Inc. was looking to break through the noise in the medical industry and educate doctors about new drug breakthroughs to improve patient care. Pfizer worked with Image3D to create an educational, interactive marketing tool centered around Norvasc, a new hypertension and angina medication. Using Image3D’s custom viewers and a seven-image photo reel, Pfizer and Image3D were able to succinctly show how Norvasc could help patients. Image3D’s design team turned 2D text and images into attention-grabbing 3D with a tool that everyone can’t help but pick up.

Founder Rich Dubnow worked with Pfizer and Anderson Advertising to create over 3,000 viewers and custom photo reels to share a complex and important story with representatives and doctors.

A multi-stage marketing campaign targeting individuals in the medical industry provided an innovative way to share the drug’s history and vital information in a medium that stands out from other marketing tools because of its nostalgic appeal and interactive format.

Image3D’s custom viewers and photo reels are an excellent way to make your company and product stand out from the rest, which is why our motto is: “Everybody Looks!”

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