The Man with
3D Vision.

If you've picked up an original View-Master in the last few decades, chances are the images were shot by one man. Rich Dubnow (aka the Most Experienced 3D Photographer in the World) was lead photographer at View-Master for twenty years producing work for creative visionaries like Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg.


In 1997, Rich founded Image3D in the picturesque Pacific Northwest. Since then, we've grown from a kitchen table operation to a state-of-the-art facility producing custom-made 3D experiences for everyone from blushing brides to corporate titans.


The Process:

On our RetroViewer website, we have the patented Reel Builder. Customers are able to create custom, unique, and awe inspiring reels with their very own photographs. Our customers use them for everything from one-of-a-kind gifts, weddings, keepsakes, special announcements, portfolios, school projects, and more. We have done reels for everyone from the mom next door and the art school student, to Brad Paisley and Sofia Vergara! Companies like Cintas, Linkedin, and professional photographers have used our reels too! We are perfect for everyone!


Within the Reel Builder, you can edit your 2D photos and add standout 3D captions (photos will not be in 3D). For a fun tutorial video on how to build a reel, please click here.


Orders can be shipped anywhere in the entire world. We frequently get orders from across the state and as far as Australia. Our website offers many shipping options for a variety of price points and transit times to meet any schedule. Please click here to get an estimated shipping cost.


Once we receive your order, we get to work on making your custom reel. Literally, every part of the process is hand checked by our team, made right in our shop, and from the U.S.A.! Then, in just 5 short business days, your custom reel heads out the door.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or take a look at our helpful FAQ page. We even have a fun and exciting blog with tons of reel examples and ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Or, for a more in your face example, check out our reel example videos on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.


We can’t wait to see your reel!