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-An important note from Rich regarding 3D Stereo orders-

To all my friends in the 3D Stereo photography world:

For over a decade Image3D has provided RetroViewer reels at a loss on every order to provide 3D reels to our 3D photography community. Unfortunately, at this time, we can no longer afford to carry the loss.

Starting October 1, 2020, we will be instituting a Set Up Fee for all RetroViewer 3D Stereo orders. A $30.00 mastering fee will be applied to the first reel in an order and a $25.00 mastering fee for each additional reel in the same order.


Rich Dubnow,

President Image3D, LLC

Just the FAQ's, Ma'am

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Due to the global shipping crisis we are unable to obtain the materials we use to create custom reels. We will produce and ship your reels as soon as we are able, most likely February 2022.

Can I get my order faster?

Orders are processed and shipped as soon as possible. Currently rush service is not available.

What if I do not have digital images or some of my photos are from the 'old days'?

You’ll need to have them scanned. This can be done at many camera shops or stores that have hourly computer rentals (e.g. Kinko’s).

Why are there only 7 images when I count 14 frames on the reel?

The viewer was designed to show 3D and to do that you must have an image for the right eye and an image for the left eye. So the net result is 7 images—no more, no less.

What if I have more than 7 photos that I want to use?

Each reel requires exactly seven images. If you do not have enough images, preloaded backgrounds can be added so you can add your own custom messages. If you have more than seven images, you may need to make more than one reel.

Why is the cost of the first set more than the other sets?

This is due to the time required by our graphics department to set up your master reel—the one that is copied to make your additional sets. If you were to type a 20 page document, then make 10 copies, the majority of your time would be in the original typing of the 20 pages. Making the copies would require much less time. Likewise with our reels.

How come I can go to a toy store and buy one viewer and reel for less?

This is because the reels in the toy stores are produced in millions of copies. This greatly reduces the cost per reel. The larger the quantity, the lower the price per reel and viewer.

What file size should I use for my photos?

Our reel frames are 1112 pixels x 955 pixels in size and your photo will be made to fit these dimensions. You may use larger photos with the understanding that the larger the file is, the longer it will take to transfer it to our website. Smaller files will not work and will look fuzzy and out of focus.

Please visit our How To page for more information on the process of making and ordering your 3D reel.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Acrylonitrile, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.