• Silly Putty

    Yay for retro Wednesday and yay for Silly Putty! There is something that Silly Putty and View-Master have in common...   World War II... Read More
  • A Barrel of Sea-Monkeys

    With respect to one of our catch phrases, "More fun than a barrel of Sea Monkeys" we thought for retro Wednesday we should highlight... Read More
  • Top Toys of All Time

    Everyone has their favorite toy. For us, no questions asked, it's the View-Master! But, how often can you say that the one toy that... Read More
  • The Swing Wing

    When I first saw this video I thought it was a joke. But since I have discovered that it isn't, I had to share... Read More
  • Simon

    Retro Wednesday time! I remember playing Simon for hours as a child with the handheld version. Did you know that the handheld version of... Read More
  • Pogs Rock!

    So simple yet so irresistible for this retro Wednesday. Who collected Pogs? I'm pretty sure I had close to 100 of them. Retro junk... Read More
  • Toys R Us Kids!

    "I don't wanna grow up because I'm a Toys R Us kid..." The jingle is so catchy that it hasn't changed in over 30... Read More
  • The Rubix Cube

    Now who didn't have one of these, or at least play with one at some point? Retro Wednesday on this fine leap year day... Read More
  • Hula Hoops

    For retro Wednesday this week I think you will be learning much more than you ever thought possible about Hula Hoops! The popular Hula... Read More
  • Back To The Future Legos

    Talk about cool! This week's Retro Wednesday covers A) Back to the Future and B) LEGOS! Love the movie and even more love playing... Read More

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