RetroViewer Pop Quiz Results

We love toys!

We had a fun time testing everyone with our classic toy pop quiz!
Most of you received an A+ and 47 of you even got 100%! Nice!

When we asked you what your favorite toy was, here were the top 5 results:
1. View-Master
3. Barbie
4. Slinky
5. Etch A Sketch

Here are the correct answers of the quiz:

1. Who was the name “Teddy Bear” inspired by?
Correct Answer: US President Theodore Roosevelt

2. Lego was invented in which country?
Correct Answer: Denmark

3. What was the original intent of Play-Doh?
Correct Answer: To clean wallpaper

4. What is Barbie’s full first name?
Correct Answer: Barbara

5. What toy was first to be advertised on TV?
Correct Answer: Mr. Potato Head

6. View-Master was introduced at the New York World’s Fair in what year?
Correct Answer: 1939

7. In a ranking of the 80 most recognizable scents, what popular kid’s product came in 18th?
Correct Answer: Crayons

8. Which of these toys was originally invented to be used as a hunting weapon?
Correct Answer: Yo yo

9. The “patient” in the game Operation is named what?
Correct Answer: Cavity Sam

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