How to Pick the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Girlfriend: Plus Gift Ideas

Christmas and New Years have passed and now we are on to the next big holiday, Valentine’s Day. You’re now looking for a present for your girlfriend and you know it has to be good. You could just go to the nearest flower store and order a Valentine’s bouquet, but there’s no fun in that. We are going to help you find the best Vanentine's gifts for girlfriends of any style.

The first thing to do is recognize what type of girl she is; for example, whether she’s outdoorsy, into relaxation, or whether she’s the sentimental type who likes to bond over memories. In any of these cases, we’ve got you covered.

Outdoors Lover

If she loves the outdoors, you can’t go wrong with a Hydro Flask. This water bottle is a great Valentine’s present because of its versatility and quality. Hydro Flask has taken the Pacific Northwest by storm and can be seen with almost all hikers, campers, and outdoors folks alike.

Relax and Unwind

Maybe the outdoors aren’t her thing and she likes the idea of relaxing instead. If so, this homegrown spa experience will give her a chance to get away on her own terms.

The Good ‘Ole Days

If she’s into the romantic sentimentality of Valentine’s Day gifts, Image3D’s RetroViewer is the perfect gift idea for her. Image3D allows you to create your own custom reel that will display pictures one by one through their nostalgic RetroViewer. If this doesn’t get her to smile, what will?


These are three of the best gifts for girlfriends of all types. Pair them with a romantic, handwritten note and you will have picked the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend.