4 Great Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Mom, Dad and Everyone Else in the Family

4 Great Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Mom, Dad and Everyone Else in the Family

The beginning of fall means that Hanukkah is right around the corner, and it's never too early to start coming up with great gift ideas for dad, mom and everyone else in your family. Here are four wonderful gift ideas that are certain to make this Hanukkah memorable.

For Dad: A Recycled Bicycle Chain Menorah

Coming up with a unique gift for your father can be challenging; after all, he probably doesn't need another tie. That's why this menorah makes such a wonderful present. Crafted by a group of artisans in India, this unusual menorah is fashioned out of a recycled bicycle chain and is certain to catch your father's eye.

For Mom: Alex and Ani's Star of David Necklace Charm

This beautifully elegant charm will let your mother keep a symbol of her faith and your love close to her heart all year-round. In either sterling silver or gold, this simple yet striking necklace is certain to become a favorite keepsake.

For the Hostess: A Stainless Steel Latke Server

Nothing says Chanukah quite like hot, crisp potato pancakes, and this charming server is the perfect gift to bring the hostess of your Chanukah dinner--and they'll probably keep pulling it out long after the eighth night.

For Anyone: An Image3D RetroViewer

Friends and family alike love it if you create personalized products that speak just to them--and photo gifts that incorporate memories of past Hanukkah celebrations are even better. Looking for cool photo printing ideas that are more creative than a simple photo album? Image3D's RetroViewer fits the bill perfectly. This custom photo viewer can be personalized with your own photos, allowing you to gift your loved ones with a trip through Hanukkah festivities over the years.

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One thought on “4 Great Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Mom, Dad and Everyone Else in the Family”

  • Rachel

    I came across this article in a Google search for Chanukah gift tags. I feel compelled to comment because the author of this list clearly doesn't know anything about Jewish cuture. Chanukah is not the Jewish Christmas, no matter how the media portrays it. Jews don't go around getting a gift for everyone they know for Chanukah. But, for the sake of argument, let's analyze the gift suggestions. You wouldn't get dad a menorah at all because the candles are the woman's mitzvah. Getting anyone a star of David seems pretty schmaltzy. And Chanukah dinner? Seriously? It's not Christmas; there isn't a formal dinner! Sometimes there's a Chanukah party, but those tend to be pretty informal. There's certainly no big family gathering that you must attend. As for the stainless steel latke server, like the star of David, it's pretty schmaltzy. If you do attend a Chanukah party and really feel that you must bring a gift, your best bet is probably a bottle of wine or something else that's generic like that. As for the Image3D RetroViewer, it seems like a cool product but Jews don't really take pictures at Chanukah. There might be a few pics floating around of kids opening some gifts, but certainly there's not a photo album worth.