Art Show Exhibit with Custom Image3D Reels

Julien Leroy, photographer/owner of FirstLap Photography in Brussels, needed a great idea for his upcoming art exhibit. Thankfully, Image3D's custom reels and viewers entered his mind. He enthusiastically contacted us regarding his project and we were very happy to join in his excitement. Brussels Art Exhibit

We often receive small reel orders of just 1 or 2 sets for final projects in school or portfolios, but Julien was thrilled to show off his work in 5 different reels using our online reel builder. Brussels Art Exhibit

The 2 day exhibit consisted of 18 different young creative photographers in the famous exhibit venue, Tour & Taxi, in downtown Brussels. Brussels Art Exhibit

Julien was happy to share with us that, "The exhibits where really nice and lots of people enjoyed very much the reels! People aged from 4 to 80 where amazed by the result and just loved it, they all were just happy to see their usual childhood view-master." Brussels Art Exhibit

And we can't agree more! The nostalgia of childhood has to be our biggest compliment from customers and just about anyone that we tell about our products. We are glad to be passing that down to the next generation in such cool and personal ways! Brussels Art Exhibit

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