Image3D On How It's Made (Stereoscopic Viewers episode)

It's here! It's finally here! We have the video of the How It's Made episode highlighting Image3D and the way we make our custom reels and viewers!

I know many of you did not have the Science Channel or the ability to see the show when it aired, so, here it is! Please enjoy! I know I have watched it about a million times :-)

Well, what did you think? The whole shoot was so much fun! The film crew was here from 7am to 7pm...long day! It was a really cool experience for most of us here who have never been on a production set before (unlike Image3D owner, Rich Dubnow, who got to take 3D pics on the set of Michael Jackson's Thriller...among others!)

If anything, hopefully this video makes you even more excited to create your very own unique custom reels because now you know how we are going to make it for you! Don't you wish all the products you ordered had step-by-step process videos like this? Good thing for us, ours was shown on national TV!

Thanks for watching!

3 thoughts on “Image3D On How It's Made (Stereoscopic Viewers episode)”

  • Chris Stringer
    Chris Stringer June 25, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Well done! I had to share this. Always fun to get an inside look at how things are made, but this was especially interesting to a View-Master fan like me. I really enjoyed seeing the entire process. Thanks for keeping it REEL! :)

  • Karen

    It was the TV show "How It's Made" led me to your website. At that time, I already got my 3D Fujifilm Camera. However, I have always been using Mac. (not compatible viewing 3D photos from Fujifilm software). I have to either view the photos and videos on the camera or on my 3D TV. Finally, this year, I got a PC Laptop and loaded all my pictures onto my PC. I just placed my first order. Once I get my 1st reel to see if I made any mistake on choosing the type of 3D photos, I will definitely order more different reels. Can't wait to make a few reels from my dogs' photos.

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