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Being an attendant in a wedding is not just a huge honor. It also requires a substantial commitment of time and finances. So it's important that you thank your attendants with a gift that will show them just how much you appreciate their presence not only on your special day but also in your life. These gifts don't have to be expensive, but they should reflect your personal touch. To help you choose the right gift, consider the following wedding party thank you ideas. 


Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

  • Piece of jewelry that can be worn during the ceremony. One of the best wedding gift ideas for a bridesmaid or for your maid of honor is a jewelry item, such as a bracelet or a delicate necklace, that will complement their dress, 
  • Pashmina shawl. Are you having an outdoor reception? Then consider giving your bridesmaids a pretty shawl they can throw over their shoulders if the weather should cool down. To make it more personal, present them in a monogrammed tote. 

Groomsman Gift Ideas

  • Personalized flask. Present each groomsmen with a flask personalized with their name, the word groomsmen or best man, and the date of your wedding. 
  • Customized bottle and wine opener. Handsome wooden ones are available that can be engraved with your groomsmen's names. 

While you're shopping for wedding party gifts, make sure to keep an eye out for these other necessities for your upcoming celebration. 

engagement announcement ideas

Engagement Announcement Ideas

After the proposal, you'll want the world to know. Couples, today, often make their announcement via Facebook or email. But you can also send a postcard with a special picture from your proposal. Some couples also like to use a photo of the family pet with a sign that says, "She said, 'Yes.'" Looking for clever ways to ask someone to be an attendant? Then you could present each with a personalized request in a box that contains:


  •  A mini bottle of champagne. Pop the question to your attendants with a little bubbly!
  • An Awkward Family Photos RetroViewer. Do you remember the old Viewmaster® that allowed you to view a reel of photos with a quick click? Well, today, you can create a customized photo reel of photos to pop the question to your attendants. Use photos from your relationship with the attendant and of your engagement to make a special reel that he or she is sure to treasure. 

Save the Date Announcement Ideas

While Save the Date Announcements are always a good idea, they're especially important if you are having a summer or holiday wedding when your guests may be making plans of their own to be away. Here are two ideas for memorable announcements:


  • Magnet. Your guests can stick your announcement up on your fridge for a great visual reminder. 
  • Bookmark. Clever and cute, a bookmark can also be easily tucked into a datebook. 

Bridal Shower Decorating Ideas

  • Use small chalkboards for announcements and to list shower activities. You can also reuse these later at the wedding. 
  • Scatter a few 3D RetroViewers with pictures of the bride and groom growing up around the party for a fun diversion. 

Do you have some great photo ideas in mind yet? Here’s how you can start creating your own RetroViewer.

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