Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for dadDo you have a special father in your life? Share memories through this unique gift idea.

Father's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about those special gifts for dads. Whether you find something in his favorite shop or make the gift yourself, the time and thought that goes into your gift is often more important, and more cheris

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The Personal Touch

Some of the best Father's Day gifts are those with a personal touch. Do you remember when you were little and you designed a colorful card for your dad? Or, maybe when you were a bit older, you made him a wooden tool box in wood shop? These gifts, along with anything else homemade, come from the heart and are very much cherished.


The Wish List

Almost everyone has a wish list, and that includes dads. Some dads are open about their dreams, some not so much. You may have to have mom, a sibling or a friend try and help figure out just what's on that list. Once you have your Father's Day present ideas nailed down, it's off to the nearest mall, specialty shop or maybe even a hardware store to make some of dad's dreams come true.


Inspiring Reels

fathers day reelfathers day presents

The Art of Surprise

Sometimes you just want to do something fun. Surprising

dad with an unusual, maybe even off-the-wall gift should give him the giggles. If your Father's Day gift ideas center around one of his favorite past-times, even better.


What fisherman wouldn't smile at a mounted fish that flaps its tail and sings, or be proud to wear a hat that boasts "World's Best Angler" or other fishy sayings? Is your dad the consummate workaholic? Maybe a prepaid vacation trip to a tropical beach or a historic, perhaps romantic city would plaster an ear-to-ear grin on dad's face. Either way, the gifts are a fun surprise. That's the best part.


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