Celebrate Your Anniversary

Celebrate Your Anniversary


Anniversary Gift Ideas


Anniversaries are special occasions that everyone should celebrate whether it is our anniversary or someone that we know. In this so-happy-together blog, we look at some unique ways to celebrate milestones. 

Dating Anniversary Gifts 

How often do you celebrate dating anniversaries? The answer to that question is really up to the couple. A dating relationship is all about exploration and discovery. It is a delicate time but also the perfect opportunity to start laying down traditions. What could be better than a RetroViewer and a reel of photographs that celebrate visually every moment you've spent together? You can put that cell phone to good use and snap photographs of you together and then upload those images to a site that will render them into a reel that plays over a RetroViewer. The cool thing about this type of gift is that you can add to it each year. 


Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


  • 1 Year — traditionally, the first year anniversary gift is "paper" in the U.S or "cotton" in the U. K. A plane ticket to a romantic destination and maybe a cotton dress or suit to wear while vacationing? You could turn to poetry and profess your love via sonnets. You could self-publish a recipe book called our best meals during the first year of our marriage. Maybe add some anecdotes in there too with advice for those just starting their journey together.
  • 3 Year — Traditionally, the third year anniversary is "leather." The obvious choice is something mundane like new leather furniture. So, why go mundane when you can opt for something more personal like leather bound journals that help you chronicle your relationship. There is a good chance at year three that you've expanded your family whereas, a leather photo album might be perfect. 
  • 5 Year — Traditionally in the US the fifth year gift is silverware,  and in the U. K. it is wood. Speaking of traditions, year five is just about the right time to host family dinners and holiday gatherings. Silver serving items fit right into that plan. It is also time to upgrade your furniture from the IKEA boxed set and opt for something that is designed to last many lifetimes. Consider fine wood dining tables and furniture that helps make your house into a home.
  • 10 Year — Traditionally in the U.S the tenth year anniversary tin and aluminum but thankfully has modernized into diamonds while in the U. K. it remains tin. Many couples choose their tenth anniversary as a milestone to renew their vows. As for tin as a gift, maybe a tin of chocolates, or shares in a mine?

Parent’s Anniversary Gift Ideas

Being a parent is just as much of a cause for celebration as getting married or having a birthday. Parents should celebrate being a parent and being grandparents. Like dating,  a parent anniversary gift idea that is both fun and shows you care is a photo library of the joy of being a parent? A RetroViewer makes chronicling parenthood not only easy but beautiful. Simply upload your favorite photos to their website, and we send you the reels and the viewer. It is a beautiful way to share your parenting joys with each other, and even with the grandparents. 


Adoption Date Anniversary Ideas

Adoption anniversaries are special times. They celebrate parenthood and the creation of family. Celebrate these treasured relationships with ideas that increase the bonding between parent and child. Ideas that celebrate an adoption date anniversary include things that build bonds like cooking a special meal where everyone helps or family portraits that emphasize "family." A RetroViewer would also be a lovely gift too. Nothing says family like a family album and with the easy process that Awkward Family Photos uses, the creation of a family album is not only rewarding but purely a gift of love. 


Gifts that celebrate milestones or family are easy to create using Awkward Family Photos's technology. The process is simple, the results are fun and beautiful, and fun and beautiful are two words that describe families. Visit us online today and create your own stunning anniversary gifts.